Handbag Hooks for Table & Handbag Hangers  

Handbag hooks for table
Hook your handbag to any table or desk with our handbad hook.
Keep your handbag or purse in sight and by your side. 
Simply hang your handbag to the hook, place the disk on the edge of the table et Voila! Your handbag is safely secured and hooked!
How does a foldable handbag hook work?
Simply place the disk on the table edge and hang your handbag to the hook. 
The handbag hook will hold up to 10 pounds!It will even hold a laptop bag.

      MOQ 100 UNITS

      A personalised handbag hook is a practical and elegant promotional gift for women. 
      An innovative corporate gift your client will appreciate. 
      Your brand will get great exposure each time a handbag is hooked to a table.

      Customised handbag hooks

      What is the difference between a handbag hook, a bag hanger and a purse hook?

      On a handbag hook, the hook folds around the disc.
      A hanbag hanger offers a hanger to hang the bag. 

      They both allow you to hook your handbag to any table and work the same way.It is the weight of the bag that holds it in place on the edge on the table.
      In the UK the hooks are called handbag hooks or Handbag Hangers and in the USA  purse hooks.

      There are 2 different types of handbag hooks.  
      We offer a foldable handbag hook with a gutter where the hook fits nicely as well as the classic foldable handbag hook, on which the hook is hold by a magnet around the disc.

      Which one to choose from?
      It´s a question of taste, both designs are made of strong material and will hold the heaviest bag. 

      A handbag hook is a solution to fight thieves says London Metropolitan Police:

      Did you know that 31% of women have had their handbag stolen on at least one occasion.Nearly a quarter of this women had their handbag stolen in a bar or pub. On average, every time a handbag goes missing, women are faced with a £228 bill to replace the bag and its contents. These include home & car keys, wallets, ID´s phone, make-up and even medication.

      The London Metropolitan Police teamed up with My Bag Hanger to fight handbag robbery and distributed 2500 handbag hooks in the streets of London to create awareness. "With a handbag hooks your handbag is always at sights" says A.Simons Crime Prevention Advisor at the London Metropolitan Police. "This is a genius accessory preventing handbags from being stolen".


      Would you put 1,000 on the floor?

      Handbag hangers keep that Ferragamo handbag away from thieves and some very nasty microbes

      Now that women have the Swiffer, it's time to address the next obstacle to female emancipation — the systemic discrimination that forces them to hang thousand-pounds-plus bags inelegantly from a chair back or, worse, has them languishing on the floor vulnerable to thievery, filth, scuffing, and nasty microbes.
      Remedy has arrived in the newly rediscovered handbag hook. It's the new female equalizer, used by women of all ages everywhere.
      The hooks have been around since the 1920s, when handbags emerged as a symbol of the emancipated women. Queen Elizabeth is said to employ an S-shaped handbag hook to hang her handbags, the contents of which remain a perplexing mystery. But only recently, in the current era of insanely fetishised "It" bags, has the logic of the hook gained traction.

      "I take mine everywhere," says London society doyenne Catherine Nugent. "And if I had a penny for every time somebody told me they wanted one, it would be wonderful." Her silver handbag holder was a gift from a friend in Brazil, where girls grow up with the superstition that you'll lose all of your money if you put your Handbag on the floor.  In France, better restaurants provide handbag stools, Nugent notes wistfully, a rare civility here. She likes having her bag next to her. "It beats using a separate chair which most women do."Read more


      Pickpockets are a problem in cafes and bars, and when you go out, you probably feel like your handbag is unsafe. Slinging a handbag over the back of a chair is an invitation for sharp-witted criminals.
      Thieves can dip into a handbag and steal your expensive smartphone in the blink of an eye. While your handbag is out of sight, someone could easily take your purse, keys or even slip the entire bag under their clothing. 
      If you love buying handbags or have a prized designer piece, you probably tired of placing your bag on the floor. Balancing your bag on your lap is also inconvenient and awkward. 
      What’s the alternative?
      A folding handbag hook from My Bag Hanger is the answer. Affordable, portable and secure, our handbag hook is a convenient accessory that attaches to any table and keeps your bag in sight and by your side, no matter where you are. 
      Hang your bag on your desk in the office for easy access, or carry your handbag hook on a night our and ensure your bag is always safe, away from mud and grime on dirty floors. Pack a handbag hook in your luggage for a city break and you won’t have to worry about having your bag stolen - and your holiday ruined.

      How to buy Handbag hooks or handbag hangers wholesale?

      A good think to look for when you buy handbag hooks wholesale is that you can mix designs in your order.
      This way you can carry a large collection of different designs from the handbag holders with rhinestones
      to the foldable handbag hooks. You clients will like the choices you can offer them and this way you can
      also see which handbag holders are the most popular. At My Bag Hanger the wholesale minimum order
      is 30 units and you can mix styles of purse hooks in your order. Another good thing to look for is if the
      handbag hook comes in a box or a velvet pouch. It’s nice to have a little pouch to take care of your
      handbag and so it is tidy in your handbag. About wholesale prices, the best wholesaler
      will offer digressive prices upon the quantity you are order.
      Contact us for more info on our wholesale handbag hooks.
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